About Kodiak Oil & Gas

Denver-based Kodiak Oil & Gas Corp. (NYSE: KOG) is an independent energy company focused on the exploration, exploitation, acquisition and production of natural gas and crude oil in the United States. Our oil and natural gas reserves and operations are primarily concentrated in two Rocky Mountain basins, the Williston Basin of North Dakota and Montana and the Green River Basin of Wyoming and Colorado. Kodiak’s corporate strategy is to internally identify prospects, acquire lands encompassing those prospects and evaluate those prospects using subsurface geology and geophysical data and exploratory drilling. Using this strategy, we have developed an oil and natural gas portfolio of proved reserves, as well as development and exploratory drilling opportunities on high potential conventional and non-conventional oil and natural gas prospects that we have the opportunity to explore, drill and develop.

Kodiak’s core operating areas are the Williston Basin in North Dakota and Montana and the Green River Basin in Wyoming. In the Williston Basin, Kodiak focuses on oil production from multiple zones including the Bakken shale, Mission Canyon and Red River formations. In Wyoming, Kodiak’s primary asset is in the Vermillion Basin where it targets deep, over-pressured tight gas sands and shales.

Kodiak’s technical staff of geologists, petroleum engineers and geophysicists have years of relevant industry experience in the basins in which the Company operates. Kodiak strives to retain operations on its lands wherever possible in order to control the timing of the development of its leasehold.